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Harrison's Corn Sheller

From the Complete Farmer and Rural Economist, 1851

Corn Sheller. A corn sheller is one of the most convenient and labor-saving implements that the practical farmer has in use. Various machines for this purpose have been invented. The most improved and best adapted for common use are those of Harrison, with the patent vertical wheel. It can be employed in all cases for large or small size ears. It is very simple in its construction and durable in its operation, and no way liable to get out of order. One man can work it to good advantage, though a man to turn and a boy to feed it works better than one alone. In this way it will shell ten to twelve bushels per hour. They are so light and portable as to be easily removed from place to place, and one machine will serve for several families, or even the inhabitants of a small town.

Advertisement from the American Farmer-Advertiser, 1858

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