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Tolles Student Microscope

Tolles' student microscope, No. 389. This large and sturdy stand was offered at only $50 with 2 Tolles second quality objectives. Drawtube and tilting stage fine focus and the narrower aperture objectives allowed this economy while maintaining Tolles' high quality and craftsmanship. The outfit included a side stand mirror holder for illuminating opaque objects and a black walnut case. The large thumbwheels on the inclination joint allow quick and precise adjustment of tension. Dr. Blackham writes in an 1875 letter to Charles Stodder, "The joint for inclination works with a perfection unsurpassed by any first class stand I ever saw, and appears to be a triumph of mechanical simplicity". Mention was made of the Tolles student microscope in the Dec 1867 issue of American Naturalist,the same year that the Boston Optical Works was formed. The American Naturalist considered the Tolles student microscope to be "the best and cheapest microscope for general use by the physician now on the market".

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