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Photomicrography with Tolles 1/75th" objective

The first Microphotography using Tolles 1/75th objective was reported in the American Journal of Science, in 1879. E. Cutter photographed blood smears from consumption patients, using a Tolles 1/75th objective. He describes the lens , It was made by Robert B. Tolles, at Boston, and delivered on July 1st, 1873. It was ordered by Dr. Harriman for the sake of working up his demonstration of the presence of nerve fiber in dentine. Its angular aperture is 170 degrees, its actual opening on the face is 1/64th". Cover adjustment moves about 1/4th circle. Works wet or dry. Requires the aid of a powerful condenser. The field is clear, white and flat." Cutter used a Tolles "A" stand with the mirror removed and a 3" diameter Voigtlander photographic lens as a condenser. A large mirror directed sunlight into the condenser. No eyepiece was used.

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