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Miller Brothers, 1313 Broadway & 69 Nassau St, NYC

1879 Price List

No. 1 Binocular microscope is of first class quality in every respect. The stand is firm and free from tremor under observation, even while the adjustment of apparatus may be going on. The binocular mechanism is very superior, realizing both the stereoscopic and perspective views of the object with remarkable ease and perfection. In addition to a rectangular motion of one inch in each direction and rotation by hand, the whole stage rotates concentrically and independently by means of a rack and pinion on a circular plate, graduated so as to form a goniometer or position micrometer. The secondary or substage has adjusting screws for centering all the supplementary apparatus which it receives, and affords facilities for the manipulation and use in the most efficient and convenient manner, possessing also the means of rotation by rack and pinion, with graduated divisions at the circumference. The fine adjustment is of the most delicate and perfect construction, the index reading off differences in the focal position of the objective to the five thousandth part of an inch, perceptible to the observer's eye. Includes 4 eyepieces....$320

If with single body, 2 eyepieces.....$260

No. 2 Binocular Microscope -This instrument is constructed on the same general plan as No. 1, but is rather smaller. The stage has the usual rectangular motion and one of rotation, without rack and pinion. In workmanship, finish, accurate fitting, and optical qualities it is the same as No. 1. The substage has a rotating cylinder with adjustments for centering the apparatus which it receives, and provides for their use and application with freedom. The flat and concave mirror is fitted on a double arm to facilitate the oblique reflection of light. Binocular with 4 eyepieces....$280

If single body with 2 eyepieces.....$200

Monocular Stand, 12 inches in height, and draw tube; heavy base and arm of green japanned cast iron; body and all other parts of well finished brass; the body can be inclined to any angle. Coarse adjustment by spiral motion, fine adjustment by a new construction, which is efficient with high powers. Plane and concave mirrors adjustable for oblique light; revolving diaphragm inlaid even with the stage; the stage is of glass, with perfectly smooth motions in all directions. One eyepiece, 3 objectives, 1 1/2, 2/3, and 1/4 inch of focus, of our own make. This instrument having been designed under advice of our most eminent physicians, professors, and amateurs in microscopes, is cheerfully recommended by them, especially for medical purposes. The whole, packed in an upright black walnut wood case with drawer....$50

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