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R.B. Tolles, Boston Mass

1879 Microscope Price-List

Student's Microscope, 15 inches high, weight 6 pounds. The base, uprights, and curved arm are of iron, handsomely japanned; on a trunnion joint, made on a new plan to wear well, by which the instrument can be placed in any position, from vertical to horizontal, with a stop to prevent movement in either direction beyond these points. It is furnished with a 1 inch eyepiece, 2 second quality objectives, of about 1 inch and 1/4 inch power, giving about 80 and 350 diameters; a plain stage, with spring clips for holding object slides; revolving diaphragm, concave mirror with movement to give oblique light. For illumination of opaque objects, the mirror is removed to an upright stand. Coarse adjustment for focus is effected by sliding the compound body, which is held in place by a spring; fine adjustment by a movable plate and screw on the stage. with walnut case.....$50

Large Microscope "B" is intended to meet the wants of the highest scientific investigation; to attain everything that the microscopist can accomplish, without sparing the cost, and to permit the use of all the modern accessory apparatus. It is constructed on the curved arm (Jackson) model. The instrument is 18 inches high and weighs about 14 pounds. It is of simple construction, with fewer screws and pieces than any other first class microscope. The curved arm is supported on a steel trunnion between two strong brass pillars, made for durability, and not liable to get out of order, and provided with a method of compensation for wear. Has rack and pinion for coarse, and micrometer screw for fine adjustment of focus; graduated drawtube; substage with rack and pinion and centering screws for accessory apparatus; plain and concave mirrors on double jointed arm; Tolles thin mechanical stage, admitting light of great obliquity, with rectangular movements by screw and rack and pinion, and rotation on the optical axis of about 325 degrees....$225

Largest Microscope "A" is one of the largest yet produced anywhere. It is similar in all respects of style and construction to the "B" instrument, but larger and heavier, weighing 20 pounds. The stage is 6 inches in diameter and makes a complete revolution on the optical axis. The whole instrument rotates on a stout plate graduated to degrees....$300

The Professor's Microscope is an instrument similar to the clinical. It is intended to pass around a class of students. It is provided with a means of clamping the object slide to the stage so that the particular object the lecturer is explaining cannot be moved out of the field, while each observer can adjust the focus to his own eye...$25

The Pocket Microscope for clinical and field or seaside use is a simple tube, 6 inches long, with 1/4 inch objective and "B" eyepiece; fine and coarse adjustment for focus; a stage with spring clips to hold the object, which can be removed when not in use, and the objective covered with a brass cap, making the most compact and efficient portable instrument in use....$25

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