Artificial Barn Swallow Nest Cups

Last updated 3/23/2020

barn swallow nest cup

Artificial Barn Swallow Nest Cups

Individual nests may be used to coax a nest building pair to move to a more suitable location. Barn swallows frequently build nests over door frames and on top of porch lights. An artificial nest placed elsewhere on the porch when the swallow mud is removed will likely be readily accepted.

Multiple nests may be used to entice swallows to use your porch, shed, or other building for the first time. If barn swallows are observed in your yard, and, especially if they have ever shown interest in nesting there, offering several appropriately placed artificial nests will greatly improve your chances of attracting them.

Large orders can be shipped in multiples of 40 nests within the U.S. or Canada

See below for Canadian shipping costs

1 nest cup....$10 plus $14 shipping within U.S...............$24

4 nest cups...$32 plus $16 shipping within U.S.............$48

8 nest cups...$56 plus $24 shipping within U.S............$80

40 nest cups...$280 plus UPS within the U.S.
Email your zip code for the UPS cost before ordering.

Local pickup is welcomed for large orders.

Canadian orders only - please email for overseas shipping cost

1 nest cup....$10 plus $25 Priority Mail to Canada.........$35

4 nest cups....$32 plus $37 Priority Mail to Canada..........$69

8 nest cups....$56 plus $43 Priority Mail to Canada........$99
40 nest cups....$280 plus $122 Priority Mail to Canada........$402

Nests are always available for next day shipping.
NOTE: The above shipping costs are for U.S. or Canada addresses. Email for Priority Mail cost to other countries.

Location and mounting instructions are included with each nest. The nests can be attached to a vertical surface with two screws. The wood nests have keyhole slots for easy removal and replacement without removing screws.

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