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Having a great dislike for the noise and stench of a 2 cycle chainsaw, I have acquired and used a variety of older cordwood saws. Few experiences have been more pleasurable than watching the Ottawa drag saw work its way through a large log with the Farmall F14 quietly idled down on a brisk fall day. But setup time between each cut took far longer than the sawing. The small Farmall had to be blocked securely so it wouldn't rock. I sold the Ottawa several years ago and now have only a saw frame that mounts on my Farmall H and a free standing saw that can be belted to anything. Both of these are useful for cutting up any limbs that can be carried to the saw table. Now most of our firewood supply comes from offsite, pre-cut. One of the cordwood saws is still used to cut up limbs removed from the aging sycamores in front of the house and any fallen trees (this year a 30' white pine and several ash, mulberry and choke cherry trees along the fencerows).

The Ottawa drag saw cutting up a large shagbark hickory
Close up of the Ottawa, running so slowly that a 1/100 sec shutter speed freezes the motion.
The Ottawa - Stopping each cut 1" from the bottom and finishing with a hand saw prevents running the blade into the ground.
The Ottawa in transport position on Farmall F14
The freestanding cordwood saw
Cordwood saw powered with 5hp Economy hit and miss engine
The Economy engine
The woodshed, the wood pile and the canine supervisor
Sawing with the tractor mounted table
The saw rig on the Farmall H
The free standing saw with Farmall Cub power

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